28 Feb 2008

Animal Orphanage

We went to the animal orphanage a week ago with Heidi, Ryan and the Crutchers. They let us pet the cheetah and a lion cub named Gloria. One thing we learned is not to go there without proof of residency...

Ngong kites

Before school started we went up the Ngong's on a Saturday afternoon. Lari brought his kite and the wind was good for flying it. Heidi, Junel and I rode on top of Elvin's car, while this bunch of maasai kids caught a ride with the Rusenescus.

Angela, Heidi and Mtinta

Elvin and Moroni

Josh Knowles flying the kite

27 Feb 2008

Start of second sem

The girls got their hair braided right before school started. It was a long tedious process that took a whole entire day.

My health class on Valentine's day

Crazy day

Heidi's big 21

26 Feb 2008


We went to the elephant orphanage again and got to see a cute four month old baby with the other elephants.