23 Feb 2010

Un sueño

The other night I dreamed I was preparing to climb Mt Kenya. I've dreamed more of this mountain than of any guy.


 I'm sure there are many mountains more beautiful and inspiring, but the experience of them isn't the same. Each has their own. This one was special.


21 Feb 2010

Rally cars

Last Thursday they closed off our road for some Finnish rally test runs. You could hear the cars for miles, revving and popping. I went out for a while to watch, but nothing exciting happened. 
On Saturday a few of us went to Matti's house to watch the actual race. It was cold!
the tree next to my perch, while I waited for more cars to drive by

Spring is on its way

 spring sunshine, that actually warms more than just the heart :)

 Little Kisu
 Zorita aka Tellervo :D

 what came off one roof

sunset at 3pm

One afternoon I got off work early enough to catch the sunset. 
It was worth the cold walk :)
 coming up to the hill to catch the last of the sun
Finnish forests :)
 "we bow down, and we worship you Lord..."




Winter wonderland

-25 degrees and sunshine make for pretty days
the colours of my country :)






morning follows night

 Even a little hint of sun can warm a heart like nothing else, 
especially after weeks of darkness



the long night

December is the darkest time of year. Kaamos is the word for the period of darkness when the sun doesn't even rise above the horizon. We don't have it as bad as Lappland, where the sun doesn't rise at all for a few months. At worst, we had about 4h of daylight.
Sunlight is precious :)

But at least we have a warm and cozy house and pretty stars to enjoy :) 
I would have wished for more northern lights, but was happy to see them even once :)

Camporee planning

 In November I went to a Pathfinder planning meeting at Iso Kirja, in Keuruu, where the TED Pathfinder Camporee will take place this coming July. These are some pictures from around the area. It's a pretty place.





snow :)

Snow came already in October for the first time. 
I celebrated by creating a new friend, Almagul :)

our yard after first snow

Autumn in Finland

I've neglected blogging since I got home, 
but thought I'd put up some pictures anyways. 
Better late than never, eh?
This past autumn was beautiful with lots of sunny days and warm temperatures.
I spent October and half of November visiting friends, doing housework, going jogging and taking pictures. It was nice to relax for a while after going non-stop for months.

Apples were plentiful. Apparently there had been lots of berries too, but I got home too late to pick any :(
Also had the privilege of meeting Morten, Laura's Danish boyfriend

our sauna