28 May 2009

Words cannot express...

One of the most beautiful places I have seen on this globe. Our southern neighbor.

Fields of poppies

The southern "hills"

Meeting friends at church

Our Spanish-English Sabbath School class

Marly and Seba

A herd of horses being driven up the hill

Mate! :D

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Ps. 37:4


Rebekah and I spent a wonderful weekend visiting some Argentinian friends in Tokmok, about 60km east of Bishkek, in Kyrgystan. Seba had been one of the group that had welcomed us to Misiones with the students on PEF a few years ago. Who would have thought that we would meet up again in Central Asia??

Mabel, Seba, Marly, Rebekah

These cute little schafers were scampering all over the horse pasture in Tokmok. I really don't know what they are. They could have been gophers, since they lived in holes in the ground, but they don't look anything like Gopher, so I'm not sure.

The tranquility of a small town!

Flowers and gardens all over the place.

27 May 2009

Summer is coming

On this hike I finally got to go around the ridge I've been looking at for almost 4 months now :) It was beautiful.

Dimash, Sanzhar, Gina and Rebekah

Explain this?

11 May 2009

Den blomstertid nu kommer

This was a hike a week ago. We were planning to hike from Medeo to Butakovka, but we were kind of slow in getting started (or gathering everyone) and then we took a scenic detour to bypass the gate charge, and only ended up hiking to the saddle and back. But it was nice and we had a really good time.

Some cows we met along the way.

The trail through the birch forest,

across beautiful barren hills turning green,

and on into impending rain clouds.



Gina looking for herbs
The hillsides turning green at last!

A blue bumblebee.. or something of the sort.
Yummy mushrooms that we filled a bag with

Ruslan with a handful of ones during Cheat (otherwise known as BS)

Our picnic spot right above the saddle

Someone had hung a bag under a cracked birch branch and it had filled with sap. By the time we found it it tasted a little old, but it was still cool.

More horsies before the mad rush to find shelter during the hailstorm that ensued :D