24 Sep 2010


 Me, Ludi, Laura, Allu

A few days after the Camporee Laura and Morten left for Denmark and Laura continued from there to Ekebyholm in Sweden to study in the Bibellinjen (Bible course) there. It lasts for one semester and mainly they study the Bible and learn how to witness etc. So far it seems she has really enjoyed it :)

As I write this I'm sitting in the Turku airport waiting for my flight to Stockholm. I'm going to see my sister :) This is a picture of us about 4 years ago on the ferry to Stockholm.. that was also a fun trip ;)
It's been a month and a half since she left, so it'll be nice to see each other and catch up on things :)

5 Sep 2010

hehe, I forgot...

The advertising posters for the camporee featured a picture I had taken :) and the model is my sister Alina.

Four years ago in Denmark Kris and I were up front for the closing program featuring Finland...
... four years later we were back! This time for the opening ceremonies in Finland :)

Friends :)

Fredrik (fi) and Victoria (no/uk)

Maya (no)

Emilia (fi) and Anita (nz/au)

Marjukka (fi)

Dad (fi)
Anna (fi/bg)

Laura and Morten (dk)

Sisters in black :)

Laura, Elina and Alina

Ludi :)

with our beautiful Anni (fi)

I went armed with so many games and I think we only ended up playing Uno and Rook? I think lack of time was the biggest reason for that. But thank you friends for keeping me company :)

All good get-togethers involve food :) Enjoying popcorn in Norway with Victoria and Maya
Victoria tasting danish pancakes

In Denmark with Newbold people: Fredrik, Victoria and Thomas



There were over 20 countries represented at our camporee. There were participant clubs from most of the TED countries, with visitors from the US, SE Asia, and other neighboring countries.


Polish scarf

Visitor from France

Estonians in their uniform
Russians lowering their flag in the evening

Market day

Oona modeling our beautiful flag :)
On market day all clubs had the opportunity to sell crafts, games, massages, face painting... you name it :D All the proceeds then went toward a vocational school in Sudan.
Ludi with our Russian friend Slava

Miika selling warm hugs

Ida getting her hair braided

painting little Russian dolls
leave it to the Norwegians to offer us dried fish...

an Icelandic specialty :D
Victoria and Maikku promoting Newbold College

An active observer :)

Camporee activities

Each country came prepared with some activities that the pathfinders then were able to participate in on different days.

The first days of camporee were spent building up camps: fireplaces, tables, seats, rain shelters, gates... I think this one was from the Estonian camp.

Water activities were very popular. This was one of the beaches, with a water slide built by the germans.
Canoeing and kayaking

beach volley

wrestling :)

ropes courses
tower building

The Germans had their swing again

There were also many many different crafts and other things to work on. I didn't make it around to see everything, but what I saw looked like fun :)

Behind the scenes

My masseuse-sister Ludi helping me out :)
Besides all the pathfinders at the camp, there were about 160 volunteers working behind the scenes, making sure everything ran well. There were people in food distribution, toilet cleaning, AV, cooks, maintenance, kiosk, info, lifeguarding, office... From our family mom and Laura were in the info, dad in food distribution, me in the office, Alina in the kiosk and Ludi and Lily along for the ride.

Our volunteer kitchen prepared food for all us volunteers so we didn't have to spend work time on that.
lunch with Mariel, Ari, Megan and Marjukka

Elsa, Jani's little girl, whose smile warms my heart :)

Anytime I wasn't at my computer there was a line-up of volunteer kids wanting to watch TV programs on the internet...

Camporee men hard at work.. Bobby, Jani and Thomas
Part of the video crew: Peter, Orvo and Mike

slicing a few thousand strawberries for fruit salad on Friday evening

My faithful companion and comforter relaxing by the lake with me one evening while everyone else was at the meeting.