4 Sep 2009

The Torre of Burana

Thus ended our wonderful trip. I can't wait to go back. Lord willing.

The mountains of Kyrgyzstan are so beautiful!

The tower.

our playground

Quick visit to Tokmok

This is the shop where Sebastian works


The school they are building


boys hall



girls hall

The school where Marly teaches English. In May we were there on the last day of school. This time we stopped by on the first day of school. Good timing.

Independence Day in Bishkek

a bunch of stuff happening at the central square, but we didn't stick around

Seven of us piled into Zamir's car. It was nice and cozy :D

At the park of love. Here couples can bring a lock and then throw the key into the pond


There was an empty stand, so we decided to fill the spot

In Friendship park we rode a few different rides (FUN) and this was the little ferris wheel.

Ice cream

Thanks guys, it was great!

Ala Archa

The boys took us to beautiful Ala Archa, not far from Bishkek. We hiked around for a few hours and enjoyed the nature. It was very beautiful! Our mountains don't compare

We stopped for a rest on the Split heart rock with a beautiful view

Zamir and Milan

We met these South Africans that were on a road trip from London to SA. Living my dream! I was impressed.


We spent a great 4 days in Bishkek. Thanks Milan for taking such good care of us!

The DKTs where we stayed. One of my favorite places anywhere.

Lunch after the service, of watermelon and leposhka

Our patient who was 'sick all night', poor girl.

Out with the youth in the evening.

Main square

Victory square

Pizza for supper. We took some back for Emily, who was still sick