27 Jul 2009

The glory of God's creation

Kolmisteen hike

We went on a girl's hike last Sunday. We were planning to go to Chymbulak, but the bus never showed up, so we went the other direction, towards Almarasan and hiked up the fork to the right, up the road a few km until a guy picked us up and drove us to the end of the road. Then we hiked up the river gorge and entered the peace of having no other people around :)

This was the river we hiked along

At the beginning of the road

crossing the river

found another pipe, this one half the size of the previous one, and hiked along it high above the river, until it ended.

mountain meadows!

Emily. We got kind of chilly once the sweat cooled and the clouds covered the sun

Our threesome

the little mousey we saw. It was so adorable!

and a weasel. This is the best shot I got, since they were continually popping in and out holes between the rocks.

this is what we crossed on our way back, since our shoes were wet and too slippery for the pipeline.

Rebekah's daring crossing

The city of Almaty far far below. If you zoom in you can actually almost locate our house

The flowers and stinging nettles often were as tall as we were

Found some resident cows in a brick building along the road

Goodbye Melinda!

Making lunch in our kitchen

Rebekah making vareniki

lunch table

Melinda packing

Our good-bye banana splits

Melinda picking 'lice' out of Rebekah's hair. It appears to be a rather painful process!

Housemates for a few weeks:
Rebekah, Melinda, Emily and me


Another pretty day and another pretty hike.





pretty orange flowers

Our group, with Nazira