28 Jan 2008

Giraffe Centre

Heidi and I went to the giraffe centre in Karen last week.

We got to feed pellets to the giraffes. Their tongues are rather rough and very long (up to 45! cm) and they can curl in every direction. And they slobber!

They gave us a pellet to put between our lips and the giraffe would (kiss us) grab it from between the lips.

17 Jan 2008

Stone Town

The best ice cream we've ever had: Amore Mio

Grilled octopus and squid anybody?

My fried banana and chocolate thingy's

Jambo bwana
Habari gani?
Mzuri sana.
Wageni mwakaribishwa
Hakuna matata


We stayed at the beach in Zanzibar at Jambiani, on the east coast.

The ladies went out everyday at low tide to harvest seaweed to sell

We got our feet henna'd