28 Nov 2010

Celebrations :)

 Both Ludi and I have our birthdays this month, so when she came to visit me the other weekend we celebrated by buying Ben & Jerry's ice cream (amazingly good stuff!) and making fruit salad. It was good :) 
Feliz cumple Ludi!

Pizza, anyone?

Ludi's 9th grade class had a pizzeria to raise money for their class trip to Nice, France.
The theme for the pizzeria, not coincidentally, was Paris.. :)
Mom, Dad and I helped out in the kitchen, and Ludi was a waitress.
Mozzarella pizza. I so wanted to taste one the whole time we were baking! Finally in the end, after about 5 or 6 hours of baking pizzas, there were enough left over for us to have a few pieces.. :)

Nice would be located where that yellow blob is

my 'french' sister :)

inside the workshop.. all in all I think we baked 213 pizzas. It was crazy at times with impatient waiters at the door asking every 30 seconds whether their pizza was out of the oven yet, and new ones coming up with orders of 6 or more pizzas.. But it was fun! :) We had a great team and I think we all enjoyed the evening :)


In our great lab clothes ;)

Me getting a ng tube in my nose. It didn't get far though :D I think it balled up in my throat and Olli had to pull it back up. Not a fun feeling at all :/

Me putting a ng tube down Timo, succesfully! :)

practicing putting on diapers :)

diaper models..

We go through 12 years of school to get to play with dolls.. here we practiced catheterizing. I suppose I'm thankful we got to play with the dolls instead of practicing on each other...!

Fall in Turku

Bethel SDA church in Turku. This year the Finnish young adult weekend (NAP) was held here, on the last weekend in October. The speaker was Tanzanian Baraka Muganda who spoke about Who Do You Love?

Inside Bethel


fall colors :)

Nordic Youth Congress

Fall at Ekebyholm

Finnish, and almost Finnish girls ;)
Alina, Elina, Larini, Laura, me, Victoria, Leena, Venla, Tea and Senni

Mikkeli youth - Matti and us girls

Innebandy tournament Saturday night. I can't remember who won..?

After all the other countries had left on Sunday we hung around singing and playing rook :)
Elina, Matti, Laura, Daniel, Leena

On the boat back to Turku with my cabin-mates Henkka, Leena and Matti. 

Stockholm Viking Line harbor

A cabin full of people playing president and rook :) Once some went to bed we moved out into the hallway and continued until the wee hours of the morning..


In the middle of October a group of us took the boat to Sweden for the NYC at Ekebyholm. NYC as in Nordic Youth Congress, not New York City.. It was a weekend for SDA young adults from Scandinavia. Next year instead of a weekend, we'll have a 5-day camp in Denmark. August 16-21, 2011. It'll be great! :)

Since the program at Ekebyholm didn't start until supper, we decided to spend the morning in Stockholm. The first few hours went by at the Drottningholm grounds. The sun was just coming up and the trees were really pretty with yellow leaves all over the place :) It was cold though! 

Me, Leena, Tea, Elina and Alina

 Allu and me


Henkka with the ladies ;)


part of the castle

feeding the swans

Once the stores opened up we drove into town and walked around. Our first stop was a muffin stand in a shopping center :) Leena and I wandered around looking for coats, since it was cold outside, but didn't find anything..

Suvi hunted down a few geocaches in the center of town. This one was in the middle of the street at an intersection.

I found a coat (or two or three..) that I wanted in this Haglöfs store :) Unfortunately I didn't have an extra 400e on me at the moment :D They were nice! But I'll have to wait on that..

Coffee shop stop with good tea and really good chocolate cake :) before leaving Stockholm

Fall break

At the end of October I had a nice week and a half of break from school, and spent it at home.
Originally I thought I'd work on all kinds of school work that needed to be done.. but in the end I don't think I got any of it done :D oh well.. At least I had a great time relaxing :)
On the few mornings that it was sunny Lily and I took long walks out in the woods. 

Home sweet home :)

The water level was down about a meter from what it should be. 

Sabbath afternoon we visited the Haikarainen's and had a great day stuffing ourselves with good food and playing rook for hours :) It snowed that day and the moon was full. We took a walk once we got back home that night and it was beautiful! No need for flashlights or anything..