30 Oct 2007

Lake Bogoria

On Saturday we went to Lake Bogoria. At first it was cold and rainy, but it got clearer after awhile. The lake was long with mountains on one side. There were hot springs at one place, and they were hot. The scenery was quite beautiful, well worth seeing. Lots of flamingos.

Lake Baringo

Last weekend we went camping up at Lake Baringo with the Crutchers, Rusenescus, Sandovals, Ryan, Heidi, Espy and me. It was wonderful. The scenery along the way and at our destination was beautiful and for the most part we had nice weather. The drive took us six hours, half of it on good roads. I was really happy we had no river crossings. I'm really glad we went.

This is Mount Longonot, the volcano we climbed on a prep hike about a month ago. Altitude 2776m from sea level. Last erupted in 1860's. This was the first time we had seen anything from the escarpment. Normally everything has been clouded over and misty. This time we got to see the Valley.

I took quite a few night shots. The moon was so full and pretty. The moon was so bright that some of my pictures looked like day pictures. That night it rained and the guys were somewhat miserable. Our tent stayed dry though.

This was one of our friends. They would come up on the bank and sunbathe. Of course they looked all harmless lying there, so I got up close enough to take this foto. But they do move fast too. And those teeth looked sharp.

This guy was cute. He moved about 10m during the whole weekend. We fed him bananas and apples. I thought his head looked very much like a dinosaurs.

The flora and fauna were pretty. There was one bird I didn't get a picture of, that was my favorite. It sounded like a mixture between a little happy kid and Orbie from Katie and Orbie. It was really cute. The others didn't like it though :(

Heidi and I got up early Sunday morning to watch the sun rise. It was quite beautiful with all the colors reflecting off the still waters.

Sunday morning we took a three hour boat ride out on to the lake. (I was Mary Ann) On the ride we saw birds and crocs and hippos. One hippo actually jumped at us, so we didn't spend much time there. True to form, I forgot that my legs also needed sunscreen... They're both toasty red and quite sore. I suppose I'll never learn...

We got some fish from this guy to feed the fish eagles.

We threw out a fish and one of the guys whistled for the eagle. It came flying over and grabbed the fish and took it home.

These are the fishing boats the Maasai of Baringo use on the lake. They're made of lightweight wood and don't sink even if they fill with water.

On our way back we stopped by the equator. Ryan, Heidi and me.

29 Oct 2007


On long weekend Sabbath we drove down to Magadi hot springs in the afternoon. Driving down was beautiful. Through the valley with wide expanses of differing landscapes. It was hot there though. But nice.

The springs were located in a plain with mountains far away in every direction. The water just bubbled out and flowed away. It was pretty.

Some people dipped into the springs. I would have, but didn't have time (had to take pictures). I'll have to go back sometime and take a good swim :)

The springs looked cool with all the different colors and formations.

We saw some zebra and wildebeest and flamingos. There were also lots of little fishies swimming around in the springs.

The colors were incredibly vibrant.


Elvin took us climbing on the other side of the Hills. There were six of us: Elvin, Heidi, Andrew, Jerald, Marielle and me. It was a beautiful day and we had fun. I only made it up the first wall about 2m. The other wall I did better on and almost got to the top. My height was somewhat limiting though :) I also took a different route all the way up to the top of the cliffs and enjoyed the scenery from there.

The view from the cliffs towards the Ngong hills.

Marielle inching her way up with her lollipop

Heidi in between a rock and a hard place

The view from the top of the cliffs was wonderful. I sat up there for awhile and enjoyed the breeze and sunshine. This is my first attempt at a panorama picture. The colors weren't all quite the same in the different pictures. They're the Ngong's from the other side.

On our way back we watched the sun set until all that was left was this fluffy cloud.