29 Oct 2007


Elvin took us climbing on the other side of the Hills. There were six of us: Elvin, Heidi, Andrew, Jerald, Marielle and me. It was a beautiful day and we had fun. I only made it up the first wall about 2m. The other wall I did better on and almost got to the top. My height was somewhat limiting though :) I also took a different route all the way up to the top of the cliffs and enjoyed the scenery from there.

The view from the cliffs towards the Ngong hills.

Marielle inching her way up with her lollipop

Heidi in between a rock and a hard place

The view from the top of the cliffs was wonderful. I sat up there for awhile and enjoyed the breeze and sunshine. This is my first attempt at a panorama picture. The colors weren't all quite the same in the different pictures. They're the Ngong's from the other side.

On our way back we watched the sun set until all that was left was this fluffy cloud.

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