18 Mar 2008

Mount Kenya Leute

The monkeys that ran around grabbing at what they could. They were rather amusing (except for when it was your food that they stole)

Ate Karlah

Bjorn, from Zambia, also climbed with us

Ciku on her way to the stream



Momo and Kylie

Our cabin at Met Station

Some of the girls: Denissa, Sharnie, Eunice, Marielle, Karlah and Ciku

Heidi washing the dishes at the local watering hole. It's where we washed everything from feet, hair (brain freeze...), teeth, faces and dishes.

Kylie with her beauteous morning hair

Sharnie and Ciku hiking down

Heidi and Karlah in the bus

Before heading back we stopped at the equator. Elvin, Karlah and Rester

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