31 Dec 2009

Жаңа жыл

Here's to looking forward to a great year 2010, full of happy surprises, dreams come true, new friends, meeting with old ones, more travels, new opportunities, kept resolutions and becoming better people! I'll close with one more thought: Carpe Diem!
When the millennium changed a decade ago I was 12 years old and doing a load of laundry :D Ten years have seen a few things I guess. We moved back to Finland, bought a house and got a cat, Misti (the mother of all cats, nearly 40 so far). I graduated high school and made my way to Argentina. Spent time in Kenya, England and Kazakhstan too and entertained grannies at the nursing home in between. And I fear the next ten years will go even faster.
It’s hard to imagine the next years being better than the past ones, but that’s what I’ve thought every year, and each time I’m positively surprised. The pros always outweigh the cons. Level 4 idiom ‘All in all’ they’re always good.
Climbing in the Alatau mountains with Rebekah and students, April 2009


joar andré said...

Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to reading about more of your adventures - and seeing the great pictures!

Jodi said...

Hey Lahja!
Happy New Year! Come see our wedding pictures at www.n3538f.blogspot.com I hear you're headed to the States this summer? When do you think you'll be here?

- Jodi