2 Apr 2010

My spring vacation

Spring in England :)

In the middle of March, I took 4 days off work and flew to England to visit friends. Tatjana was at Newbold College for a few weeks practicing her english, so I stayed with her and got to see many other friends as well. It was nice to have a break from work and everyday life!
Another welcome change was the weather. In England flowers were blooming, the grass was green (as always), the birds were singing and the sun was shining. Compare that to a meter of snow and temperatures of -20 C in Finland...

We spent our days just walking around, going shopping, hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones. One afternoon we headed to London.
Most of my pictures were eaten by my camera (unfortunately a not so rare situation), but a few were left :)

The squirrels of St. James's Park are adorable. Everytime.

Had to try fish n chips just once

Tatjana and I behind Schuil House at Newbold



Henrik Kauhanen said...

Lahja, you publish very nice pictures! They are great in general, but especially the winter pictures have an appealing composition and sweet colours. Great night time photos too!
It looks like you have put some effort into your nature photography!
Btw. I didn't really look thoroughly, but is it all digital or do you go film on anything?

Lahja said...

Thanks Henrik, I'm glad you liked my photos.
These have all been digital. I used to take film, but it's too expensive to practice with..