12 Feb 2011

Bible and volleyball

 Each year Toivonlinna hosts a weekend of spiritual and sports fun. This year there were 11 teams participating from all over Finland, as well as one from Estonia and 3 from Sweden.
On Sabbath they have a Bible bowl/quiz in two parts, and then Saturday evening and Sunday they play a bunch of volleyball games to determine the winner.
I don't know the outcome of the games, since I only stuck around for a few hours and then continued to Ida's house to play rook :) It was quite entertaining and fun :)
 Here our pastor Jyrki is calling out questions to the Bible bowl finalists and Gunnevi is translating them into Swedish.
I had the honor of coming up with the semifinal questions, 25 in all. It was great fun! There was one question which no team got right. 
Where was King Solomon crowned king?
Bible bowl finalists on Sabbath afternoon. Ida keeping score.

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