8 Nov 2012

August 5

We got married on August 5 in Ristiina.

I'll post more pictures later. We're still waiting for the actual pictures from the photographer, but I wanted to put some up now anyways :)

Both our moms looked stunning

Pastor Crutcher married us and my pastor Timo Flink translated into Finnish
A family prayer during which our dads prayed for us
Jade, our flowergirl
Amazingly enough, everyone fit in our front yard (110 people).
Everything went well even though it rained for a bit. 
Lilies enjoying the rain
Lily got her own place card once it was noticed that the poor thing had been left out
Me with some beautiful ladies :)
Amazing cake that Alina made for us. Or rather, one of the amazing cakes :)
The oldest generation of my family. Dad and his sister (with her granddaughter) and Mummo with my grandfather's two living brothers. They're all around 90 years old and I'm glad they could be there!

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