16 Jul 2007

Day off

I had the day off today. Woke up late to a sunny morning :) It's been raining for so long now, I was starting to lose hope. I had the house to myself as mom was at work and the rest left for pathfinder camp at Kallioniemi. To pass time I watched 8 episodes of Friends (my sister had borrowed them from a friend). I was reminded of all the times we would gather after class at the UAP to watch an episode, or try to convince Susi that we were learning the language if we watched Friends with subtitles in spanish during class.. It was fun.

After Friends I went out to enjoy the evening and the flowers. It was so peaceful. Summer is so wonderful with light and flowers and warmth.

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molla said...

hey lahja!

nice blog! you've got some fab pics up! how you been nway?

love molla