26 Aug 2007

The bear climbed over the mountain...

This Sabbath after lunch a group of us went to hike a little ways on the Ngong hills. It was warm and Heidi gave me some sunblock (SPF 70!!) that helped a lot. The other girls decided not to come, but I think they really missed out! It was wonderful. Fortunately the hills are close and I think I'll get to come back many times.

The view was spectacular! I couldn't believe it. I had heard of the great rift valley, but never imagined it like this. It's like another world on the other side of these hills. One side is lush and inhabited, the other side is barren and expansive. It's something I could stare at for the rest of my life :) As I told John, I was in heaven..

This is Ronito, one of the cutest little boys alive. He got carried up half the way and then he ran the rest. A little bundle of energy, he is. Speaks spanish way better than I do..

Here Heidi, Rachel and I are enjoying the rest at the rocks. There was a nice breeze up there, but climbing up was sweltering.

It was a beautiful day for a hike with clear blue skies and with a gorgeous view in every direction. Coming down was faster than going up, but it strained my muscles. My gluteal muscles have been rather sore all day today (the day after).

On our way back down Susan and I stopped by a house because the girl, Emily, invited us in. We saw their house and their bee room. It was full of bees! Her mother and other relatives were sitting in the yard making bead crafts. Emily and her sisters and cousins walked us down to the bus.

We made it back for supper and vespers at the amphitheater with a beautiful sunset. I can only imagine how beautiful it would have been from the hills.

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