26 Aug 2007

Lake Nakuru

Last Saturday we went to Lake Nakuru for the day. It's a park filled with animals, especially flamingos. The lake had a pink lining of flamingos all around it, when they started flying it looked like something from National Geographic movies.
It had rained recently, so there was more water than usual lying around. We heard some vans had been stuck on the beach overnight. We got stuck as well, but fortunately it happened near to where they had a tractor and equipment to dig us out. The younger generation gathered around for a prayer asking for help. It was answered.
We even saw some lions, but they were rather boring, just catnapping in some long grass so that you could barely make them out.
It was a long day and a long drive. I burned my left arm by sitting next to the window, it's starting to peel a little now.
But it was a fun trip.

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