14 Dec 2007


We went up to Baraton to meet a container full of operation equipment sent from Finland to the theatre there. During our stay we watched two finnish doctors begin their operations. They were going to operate on twenty disabled children during two weeks.

The hospital at Baraton

A poor Finn who couldn't apply sunscreen on himself.

The theatre

Doctor Lahja, good title, huh?

A lady with goiter

They carefully snipped away at the tissue holding the gland in place and then removed it once there was no danger of damaging the vocal chords.

Hehheh... there's a first time for everything.. I felt my blood pressure go down, my fingers got cold and my vision started narrowing. I went and sat down in a corner and felt really nauseous. Next thing I knew Dad was leaning over me telling me not to fall asleep :) I think it might have been a combination of no breakfast and the ether they used to put the patients to sleep.

We used a tourniquet to empty the leg of blood and then fastened it above the knee to prevent bloodflow. It could be safely used for up to two hours without damaging tissue in the leg.

He extended the achilles tendon and cut two others to straighten the foot

The orthopedic surgeon working on the boys foot

The cast will be changed in a week and once a month for four months to make sure it's adjusting in the right direction.

Our lunch of ugali and sukumawiki without utensils

Sunset behind Homa hills on the way back to Kendu
(all photos except for first and last in this post taken by my dad)

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Senni said...

Vau, tuntuu tosi hyvältä nähdä että meijän suomalaisten apu menee siellä perille noin konkreettisesti. Jesjes, niin hienoa työtä teet, Lahja!