14 Dec 2007

Kendu Bay

Kendu Adventist Hospital in Kendu Bay. I accompanied my dad there on ADRA business for 8 days and we got acquainted with the area.

Lake Victoria in all her brown glory

The water hyacinth that is taking over the lake

Sunrise at Lake Simbi

Lake Simbi near Kendu Bay

The Solis' very sweet cat baffled by the ants

The safari ants on the move. There were millions of them.

Banana flower

The beautifu purplish Jakaranda

Pretty Plumeria, or kalachuchi as Dr. Solis told me, thanks Ansku :)

The sunsets were spectacular every evening.


Ansku said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

Those flowers you don't know, they seem like plumeria to me.

Katie Lewis said...

Great pictures Lahja! I love your blog.