16 Jan 2008


We were at Riverside in Zambia for Christmas and New Years. Heidi and I stayed with Jodi and Elena, their girl SM's

Christmas dinner with everybody: John, Nancy, Rachel, Bjorn, me, Jodi, Elena, Pauline, Josh, Susan, Heidi, Joshua and Kent

After dinner we all went out to Ellen's house and the guys put a new tarp over her roof to stop the leaking. This young man getting a bath is Ellen's grandson, Progress.

Bjorn got a much-awaited call from home

Rachel spent all her time chasing the chickies around

The boys' pet snake Bruce

John was like a little kid taking us on roadbike rides around the countryside

We passed atleast five truckwrecks on the side of the road. In this one the second truck just bowled over the first one, smashing itself and spilling all its cargo in the mud.

We were going to visit a dam, but couldn't make it all the way because a bridge had washed out from all the heavy rains.

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