16 Jan 2008

Bungee, bungee, here we go bungee...

Heidi and I went bungee jumping off this bridge in no-mans land between Zimbabwe and Zambia. They wrap a towel around each ankle and connect them with a rope attached to the bungee cord. That's all you have. The harness on us is just for pulling us back up. Heidi's foot almost slipped out of the wrap (scary moment), mine stayed on fine.

Upon signing up for the jump they weigh you and write down the weight and jump number on your arm. Different bungee cords are used for the different weights.

After wrapping your feet up and having you empty all your pockets, they mercilessly lead you over to the ledge, count 5-4-3-2-1 and off you go. No time to re-think your crazy decision.

The jump is 111 meters; going down all you feel is the nothingness under you. It's a heart-stopping feeling to realize you're freefalling all that way with steep cliffs on either side and the Zambezi waiting at the bottom.

Spending so much time upside down makes all the blood pack into your head. After a few rebounds I was already holding my head because it hurt so much. It feels like your eyeballs are popping out. Heidi even got some red spots on her cheeks from little capillaries bursting.

After a little while this guy lowers down and hooks you up to the rope and we got pulled up together. It was such a relief to be upright again!

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