30 Apr 2008


On our second day we left camp before breakfast and drove around all day.

4wd is cool stuff (except when you're in the car). We circled this rock and then without warning Kent turned to face it and gunned it. It took us two tries to get up, but up we got. Contrary to park rules and common sense, we got out and had breakfast on the rock. Off in the bushes we found part of a grazer skeleton.

Josh, Joshua and Alex on the Hartzell's roof spreading sunscreen.

The grass was really tall all over the Mara. At times the drivers couldn't see anything around them and we up top had to tell them which way to go. I can now imagine how it is out on the prairies.

a Secretary bird

The first leopards I've seen in the wild. Two of them were resting in this tree, but once we got closer they jumped out and walked off into the grass. We saw one more leopard the following morning, but it disappeared so fast that all I saw was a blur of red jumping from the tree.


a gazelle

hyena. There were lots of them around. We heard them every night.

Where's Waldo? Can you spot the lioness in the grass? We had to chase her off before we could get out and have lunch under a tree. While eating we kept a lookout for her in the grass but couldn't see her. Once we got going again, we saw her off to one side sitting on a mound of grass watching us.

This little suni was sitting in a rut in the road and didn't budge until we were very close. When we came back through later, she was sitting right back in the same place.

Mommy and baby

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