9 Apr 2008

Going to Mombasa

We went to the south coast, near to Mombasa, last weekend with the entire school. We left Wednesday morning in two buses and arrived after about 11 hours on the road.
The place was wonderful.
Along the way we could see Kili for a long time. They are still working on the first 80 or so kilometers of the road out of Nairobi, but the rest of it was great.
Coming back at one point I could see snow-capped Kilimanjaro rising above the plains through our back window, our Ngong's silhouetted in the setting sun to the left and the hazy base of Mt Kenya far to our upper right. My three favorite mountains :)

I burned myself already on the first day and had to live with it for the rest of the trip. Fortunately the burn wasn't very bad. Other suffered too.
Most of the time we alternated between the pool and the beach. The waves were awesome when the tide came in in the afternoon! We had a blast on Saturday playing in them.

Here's me with my adopted family :)

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Andrea Chincarini said...

Breathtaking photography.. very cool places and blog :-)