10 Aug 2008


We went up in the Rheinturm where you could look out over Düsseldorf and the surrounding areas.

That was the Kirmes area that we were at the previous night. The river is the Rhein.

Even though I knew it was thick glass and safe, I was freaked out when I leaned against it for this picture. Distance to the ground from there would have been about 170m.

The riverside walk along the Rhein.

We ran into this parade and watched it go by. Never figured out what it was for. But it was looong.

Pretty horses

The real crocs!

heh... I found a dunkin donuts (which we don't have in Finland) and got 6 donuts, all different flavors. I think I finished the equivalent of 5 :) mmm... it was good.

Old Düsseldorf

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