1 Sep 2008


Ok.. So now I'm at Newbold College. I've been here for a week and I just made the decision to come here a week before that. I had been planning to go to Helsinki to study ensihoito (nursing), beginning this september. As a matter of fact, that would have started today. Until the last moment I was debating whether to study math or nursing, since I got into both programs. I finally sent the papers to nursing while we were in the Lofotens. The next week I received an email saying my papers had arrived a day late and I lost my study position. It came as a surprise. My family left that week to a new job, a new apartment and a new school and I was left alone at "home". I didn't know what I should do this year, or after this year either. heh.. I still don't know. But I was reminded of this program at Newbold, and since things seemed to work out, I came here.
It's still all new and a bit foreign, but I'm getting used to it. There are other Finnish people here, who I already new before-hand, and I've met new people, so I'm not all alone fortunately. The student body is very very international and the people are nice. Classes seem to be interesting as well, at least so far :)
I'll be here until December and we'll see then where I end up going.. But until then, I'll be posting from here in England.

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