16 Sep 2008

Windsor castle

Aurelie and I went to Windsor castle at the beginning of this month. Actually, we went to Windsor, and then decided to tour the castle as well. It was worth it. Quite a place, really.

These funny faces were all over the walls. Wonder whose idea it was?

The walls were many meters thick in some places!

We got to go inside as well, but no photography was allowed there. Pity, for some of the rooms were something to behold. Whole rooms filled with weapons, armour, paintings, tapestries, gold, silver.. you name it. I was most interested by the things that had been given Queen Victoria a long time ago: weapons and royal garment from far off lands. If only one could board a time machine and travel back to those times to see how life was. History is such an interesting thing, one can't help but be fascinated by it.

That would be a statue of the Imperial Queen herself

Cute guys with a boring job

We agreed that this must be the only place where an ice cream vendor wears a uniform :)

Streets of Windsor

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