2 Apr 2009

Foggy hike

the view from my window one pretty morning

The first leskenlehti flowers in the mountains :)



Rebekah fighting her way uphill.
In the shade the snow held us pretty well, but in places we would sink up to our thighs :D

David found a soft spot

Aida and Aida
The sun shining through the fog while we could still see something

Waldo might have been concealed but for his bag sticking out conspicuously...

This is about how steep the hill was. It was also muddy and slippery

up and up and up

How many more minutes??

The other Aida

Our picnic at our stopping point. Visibility was between 5-10m


Running down the hill :D

...or flopping down...

...or sliding down

Horsies on the Chimbulak road

some sort of horsie talk...?

They were kind of nippy

Half-way down the 830 stairs on the avalanche barrier

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