13 Apr 2009

Girls hike

Yesterday we went on a very nice hike with just us girls: me, Aida and Rebekah
With all the fog, you wouldn't have known that we were in the mountains, but we still had fun. I love following the trails around and finding new places.

This is pretty much how it looked :D
On a clear day you wouldn't even notice these posts for the glory of the 4ooom peaks in the background. Yesterday this was all we could see.


Trailblazing (courtesy of Rebekah)

It's one thing to find a new trail when it's sunny and you can see where you are.. it's another thing to do the same, not being able to see farther than 10m ahead of you.

The birch forest looked all mystical and pretty

This way...

It had rained the day before and the trails were rather muddy and slippery. At times the mist we were surrounded by crossed the line into rain, and then back into mist again. Very refreshing!

This is what happens when you miss the path...

traversing across the hillside (photo by Rebekah)

a chilly lunch break under a nice big fir tree. Between the three of us we had a feast!

The hills are starting to turn green!

A few months ago we slid down the slick ice on this road.


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