18 Oct 2009

До свидания

The last supper with students at Il Patio in Mega with Ismail, Aizhan, Emily, Saule, Rebekah and Robert. This was one of 4 evenings in five days that I went out for pizza with friends :D
During my last week in Almaty I was super busy getting together with everyone I had met during the 9 months there, buying dates and nuts and blankets to take home and taking care of my visa stuff as well. That week we also had P Kulakov's meetings at Central Church and I attended a few evenings and tried to follow along. Though I didn't understand every word, I was able to grasp the general idea and was blessed by it. It was so nice to run into friends visiting from neighboring countries as well.
(photos are from Rebekah, unless stated otherwise)


Jobir and Fahradin from Uzbekistan

Talgat and Ainura from Bishkek

Yessian and Lena


Our dear girls, Sabina, Tamila and Elina


Uncle Murat (heja, heja!)

Yerken, true to form

Our little congregation

Our last SM supper (pizza, again). David in a women's homeless coat he found by our door

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