18 Oct 2009

an extra experience

This is the stairwell of their apartment building. The first night I spent in a flat on the second floor, and the second night in Aizhan's family's flat on the third floor.
Saturday morning after the bride's wedding I woke up cold and with my whole body aching. Even my skin hurt to touch. And my stomach was bloated and hurt. During the next few hours I just got colder and colder to the point where my fingers felt like icicles and I was shivering.
Finally Aizhan gave me a blanket and I laid down. The day seemed to last forever. Everytime I woke up and looked at my watch only 5 or 10 minutes had passed since the previous time. At some point I think I had 5 blankets covering me :)
As the day progressed my headache got worse and it hurt to even move my eyes.
What a wonderful day that was :D
Jamila, the youngest sister, was also sick and throwing up. I won't go into details, but let's say that my bowels were rather effectively emptied by the whole process.

As a result of this bout of whatever it was, I missed the second half of the wedding, from the groom's side :/ Including driving around in a hummer, taking pictures at the sights of the city. It would have been really interesting.

Aizhan's mother took good care of me though and by evening I could even sit up for a while. By the next morning I was feeling quite a bit better, though weak. But well enough to continue traveling.
A big thank you to Aizhan's family for their hospitality and for taking such good care of me!

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