20 Mar 2009


My view every morning

This is our kitchen. Three people fit around the table, so we don't all eat at the same time. Rebekah and I have a fridge on the balcony and we keep most of our food either in or on it.
The stove uses gas (that took a little getting used to) and some burners work better than others.

This is Rebekah's room, which used to be the living room. She sleeps on the couch.

Our shower. It shares the faucet with the sink, you just have to pull it over. The white blotch in the lower right corner is the washing machine.
We always have hot water, which is very nice.

Our scandalous tiles in the WC.

My room. Please excuse the mess.

and my dear window :)


senni said...

Onpas siellä herttasen näköstä :) Mukavaa oloa ja varjelusta!

Amy said...

Rebecca and I have something in common :) I'm thankful you have a comfortable and safe place to dwell!