19 Mar 2009

Spring hike

Last Sunday we had a beautiful day for a hike. +20 degrees and sunshine all the way up. I actually burned my face :D (true to form)

This was a friendly little dog we met at the Lenina bus stop while waiting for our bus.


Sergey, who pushed his bike all the way up the trail.

Rebekah, sporting Sergey's cool goggles

the trail

Sergey's cool goggles also doubled as a cool filter

On the ridge finally. I figure it would take another hour and a half to reach the peak in the distance. That's a hike I definitely want to do, but it might have to wait until the slush and mud are gone.

the Champion

Lunch break

We ran down the mountain. The other side of our ridge was steep and covered in snow, so we all slipped and ran and surfed down the trail. It's the best way to descend!

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