5 Sep 2010

Faithbook Camporee

The 10th TED pathfinder camporee in Keuruu, Finland 27.7 - 3.8.2010

main meeting tent with good room for over 2200 of us

Our speaker for the week, Bobby Bovell from England/Denmark and translator Marjukka Ostrovljanovic

View from the back of the tent

Our Faithbook band :)

Jussi playing his harmonica
Thomas enjoying himself at the piano

Johannes, from Sweden, explaining procedures

Estonians performing for international night

This man on the left, forgive me but I've forgotten his name and country, has been to all 10 TED camporees! For me it was my second...

We made it in the newspaper for central Finland. If you look close you can spot my name in there too ;)

Mom and Jen selling postcards at the Info kiosk
The camp area was surrounded by a lake on almost 3 sides.. :) It was great for water sports and swimming, especially since temperatures were record high during the camp.

The Finns set up camp in the forest while everyone else had to make do out in the open fields

Baptism on Sabbath with 9 young people making the decision to follow God

900 of the 2200 pathfinders were from Great Britain. They looked pretty smart in their uniforms marching down the road!

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