5 Sep 2010

working vacation

I didn't go to the Camporee only to observe but spent almost the whole time working. It was fun :) After the camporee I slept for 17 of the first 24 hours and a lot for the days thereafter as well...
This building housed our camp office, downstairs where you can see the open doors. I'll tell you, it was comparable to sauna in there! Besides it being up to 35 deg outside, the cooling systems for the cafeteria upstairs blew their hot air into our office :D

My boss :) Jani. He's the Finnish pathfinder director and also director of this camp, in charge of the practical side of the camporee, making sure everything ran smoothly and people had what they needed for camps, activities, programs...
I was his secretary for the camp

Merja, who worked night and day arranging food distribution

Country directors' meeting every day. The man standing is Paul, the TED youth director, the man overall in charge :)

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