5 Sep 2010

Behind the scenes

My masseuse-sister Ludi helping me out :)
Besides all the pathfinders at the camp, there were about 160 volunteers working behind the scenes, making sure everything ran well. There were people in food distribution, toilet cleaning, AV, cooks, maintenance, kiosk, info, lifeguarding, office... From our family mom and Laura were in the info, dad in food distribution, me in the office, Alina in the kiosk and Ludi and Lily along for the ride.

Our volunteer kitchen prepared food for all us volunteers so we didn't have to spend work time on that.
lunch with Mariel, Ari, Megan and Marjukka

Elsa, Jani's little girl, whose smile warms my heart :)

Anytime I wasn't at my computer there was a line-up of volunteer kids wanting to watch TV programs on the internet...

Camporee men hard at work.. Bobby, Jani and Thomas
Part of the video crew: Peter, Orvo and Mike

slicing a few thousand strawberries for fruit salad on Friday evening

My faithful companion and comforter relaxing by the lake with me one evening while everyone else was at the meeting.

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