31 Dec 2010


 Yesterday we had a cake party with the girls at Elina's house. The idea was to experiment with some new recipes, also with gluten free variations. Some were a success, others... maybe not :D
Alina, Elina and Laura ready to dig in.
 This cake consisted of chocolate, butter and cream :D 
Needless to say, it was rather rich! But oh so good :)

 This was some sort of blueberry crumble pie. Basically blueberries with sugar and a crumbly oat-mixture on the top :) Also good!

 There were also two other cakes, one a carrot one made by Elina for the day before and which we finished after lunch. No pictures, but it was good, of course.
The other was made by Alina, a sort of chocolate cake, but moist :) Also good!

And we come to the winner :D
It was supposed to have the consistency of a cheesecake... It looks more like a plateful of melted ice cream :D
Also, with yoghurt and cream cheese and lemon, it tasted too much like sour milk :/
I don't believe I'll be making that one again...

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