8 Apr 2011


 We finally got to the fun part of school, where we get to practise poking needles into each other :)
It can be either really easy or really difficult. Kind of depends on whether the pokee jumps or not, or whether they faint or not...
 Here's a willing patient :)
 Getting poked wasn't something I overly enjoyed, especially the first time. I think I had nice bruises for quite a while afterwards. The first time Petri went for my vein it disappeared. The next time I think he had more luck.

Blood is pretty cool :D
(Notice the support of a classmate in the background, since I was a bit squeamish...)
Even though a bigger vein can bleed a bit I think it would be interesting to see a punctured artery and see how much more pressure there is. Pity they're harder to get to...

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