14 Apr 2011

Taimo, in memoriam

 Taimo Laitinen was active in God's work all over the place. He served as youth leader, camp director, pastor, mission trip leader, pathfinder leader, just about everything.
I can remember him from different places ever since I was a kid. Laura was dedicated by him as a baby. There have been pathfinder camporees (Osh Kosh '99, Denmark '06 and Finland '10), Maranatha trips (Ghana '04, Norway '08, and many others with Dad), and many other events - campmeetings, Maranatha meetings, General Conference meetings... He's always been there. It's difficult to try to understand that he isn't anymore.

 Taimo was active in Maranatha work, leading out on short projects in many countries over the course of many years. Ghana in 2004 was the first time I remember being on a project with him. There we started work on a a surgical theatre building for Akomaa memorial hospital.
 This was our group in Ghana, Taimo on the far left.
 Another project we've been on together was the Leknes SDA church renovation in Norway, 2008.
 In 2010 we were in Atlanta at the same time for the SDA GC meetings. Here Taimo is representing Finland with Eliisa (left) in the closing meeting. Photo by Linus
 Päivi telling us of messages Taimo had a habit of leaving for her. This was the last one she received. It says "SHMILY rakas!" It stands for "See How Much I Love You dear".

Mom and I at the funeral

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