8 Apr 2011

Spring break

 Lily and I enjoying the sunshine and snowbanks :)
I went home for spring break and worked for most of it. When I wasn't working I was reading Prince Caspian and Voyage of the Dawn Treader to my sisters. It was fun.

 home :)
 One morning they came by with a helicopter and an attached saw and knocked snow off the trees and sawed off branches that were too close to the power lines. I wonder if they ever hit the power lines themselves?
 I got to practice more :) Mom's veins were easy to hit

 Pictures don't properly show how much snow there was, but it was almost to my hips. The van is just over 2m high, the snowbank in front of it was almost that high. It was pretty!
 ok, well.. that snowbank was actually closer to my waist than hips

winter wonderland :)

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