10 Oct 2012

Europe road trip

In July 2011 Casey, Laura, Alina and I went on a 3 week long road trip through central Europe. On our way we passed through 15 countries and drove over 7000km. It was great! We slept in the back of the van, washed up in rivers and streams and cooked over a camping stove. We saw lots of beautiful scenery along the way and met up with a few friends too :)

This was our set up that Casey built in the back. Our bags fit underneath and there was just enough room on the two mattresses for the four of us to sleep without moving :P
It was challenging at times with one snoring and another flinging their arms around, but in reality we were usually pretty tired by nightfall and it was so wonderful to stretch out our legs and bodies that we were all asleep before too long.
We did get to spend the first night in the cabin of a friendly church member in Estonia. Next time we thought we might take an intact mosquito net with us though...
This has been my favorite fountain for many years, in Tartu Estonia. 
Poland had beautiful beautiful forests all over
They also had not-so beautiful reminders of past horrors.
This is how suppers happened along the road :)
What made things more exciting culinary-wise was that of us four one was a vegan, two were gluten-free and all of us are vegetarian. Somehow it wasn't too limiting though and we all got enough to eat.
Our view one morning in Italy
This was what the roads looked like in the Alps.
After one episode we learned to stop every once in a while on our way up the mountain to let the van cool off.
Stelvio Pass in Italy
Mountains around the Stelvio

One morning we stopped in Lauterbrunnen valley in Switzerland and hiked up a little hill. It was beautiful!

In Switzerland we stayed with the Calderara family in their beautiful home for a few days
 and enjoyed their hospitality and wonderful food!
Casey happens to follow bike races, a lot, so we drove down to Alpe d'Huez in France
to watch a stage of the Tour de France.
We left Laura in Denmark at Morten's family's house and we continued on without her through Sweden and back to Finland. We missed her company, but oh how nice it was to sleep in the back of the van with just 3 people! :D
In Sweden we were blessed to spend a nice afternoon with the Cederström family,
before getting on the ferry back to Finland.

Lots more happened on the trip, but a blog is limiting.
I do have more pictures and stories.
We should print those pictures and at least put them in a picture album.
Someday I'll get around to that too...

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