11 Oct 2012

Summer in the US

This summer I spent 7 weeks in the US with Casey and his family and had a wonderful time :)

This is my new family :)
We got to spend a weekend together in Gatlinburg (playing Settlers of Catan!)
It's kind of like Carcassonne, but not, but lots of fun anyways :)
I got to go all sorts of places with Casey.
This was at the Tellico river.
No, I did not kayak.
We also got together with friends :)
This is at Cades Cove.
On certain mornings they allow only bike traffic until 10 am, so we got to bike around in peace and quiet and enjoy the mist and all the animals.
These deer weren't scared at all
This little bitty mother bear had three even littler cubs running around with her.
They were fun to watch.
We also got to travel up to Maryland and spend a week with dear family there.
Mom and the other sisters had flown over too.
Skiing at Lake Anna
photo by Laura
Coming back from Maryland we brought the girls with us and introduced them to Casey's family
(and Sweet Frog!!)

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