15 Oct 2012

Family and friends and fun and Finland

Casey and I in Helsinki after picking up people at the airport

Casey and his family, and Jonathan, arrived in Finland about 2 weeks before the wedding and Derek and Rebekah and Mike got here a few days after. We were able to spend that first week mostly relaxing and getting some stuff done. It was so much fun having everyone here!
And the fun got better the week before the wedding when all the other foreigners arrived :)
I think at best we had about 25 people staying with us. It was a big party! :D
Derek with a yummy crepe at the Helsinki harbor
the best part of summer - BERRIES!! 
The ladies sticking their feet in the Baltic Sea
Mamaw keeping herself busy by crotcheting us a pretty blanket
performing a little surgery on Jonathan's foot
we drove up for Uplift at Kallioniemi for an evening and the guys led out in team-building activities there
and with so many singing people around we got to do special music in church
Good chinese food in Mikkeli

Exploring Mikkeli with (some of) the foreigners :)

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