23 Oct 2012

Wedding preparations

Most of everything for the wedding involved work. We did as much as possible ourselves, handmade... So many people helped us and everything looked really nice! It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun :)

The guys making candleholders or place card holders out of birch cut down in our forest.
Rebekah making juice out of black currant leaves.
Casey cut out the signs and Christianna painted them. They looked great!
The guys went out and found great stumps to use as cake plates
I didn't want them too tall though, so they cut a bit off..
finished cake plates. I thought they were neat :)
lots of candle holders
Doug sanded and painted our railings and they looked amazing
The guys putting the tables together
Casey, after a board fell on him. Thankfully it didn't hit his eye or leave any marks
Making centerpiece cards
Rebekah and I were sent to stay at a friends house the night before the wedding, so we could relax. It was great! We took a sauna and soaked in the jacuzzi and got some good sleep. Everybody else stayed up until the wee hours of the morning making food and ironing clothes and getting last things done. We were very blessed to have so many friends that came and slaved away for our wedding!

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