28 Nov 2010

Nordic Youth Congress

Fall at Ekebyholm

Finnish, and almost Finnish girls ;)
Alina, Elina, Larini, Laura, me, Victoria, Leena, Venla, Tea and Senni

Mikkeli youth - Matti and us girls

Innebandy tournament Saturday night. I can't remember who won..?

After all the other countries had left on Sunday we hung around singing and playing rook :)
Elina, Matti, Laura, Daniel, Leena

On the boat back to Turku with my cabin-mates Henkka, Leena and Matti. 

Stockholm Viking Line harbor

A cabin full of people playing president and rook :) Once some went to bed we moved out into the hallway and continued until the wee hours of the morning..

1 comment:

Henrik Kauhanen said...

Wow! You really catched the beautiful fall coluors of Ekebyholm, that we get to see to the extent of hardly noticing them anymore.. Thanks for showing me them in your picture, it catched my eye!
Just wonder why you didn't notice who won... ;)