28 Nov 2010

Pizza, anyone?

Ludi's 9th grade class had a pizzeria to raise money for their class trip to Nice, France.
The theme for the pizzeria, not coincidentally, was Paris.. :)
Mom, Dad and I helped out in the kitchen, and Ludi was a waitress.
Mozzarella pizza. I so wanted to taste one the whole time we were baking! Finally in the end, after about 5 or 6 hours of baking pizzas, there were enough left over for us to have a few pieces.. :)

Nice would be located where that yellow blob is

my 'french' sister :)

inside the workshop.. all in all I think we baked 213 pizzas. It was crazy at times with impatient waiters at the door asking every 30 seconds whether their pizza was out of the oven yet, and new ones coming up with orders of 6 or more pizzas.. But it was fun! :) We had a great team and I think we all enjoyed the evening :)

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