28 Nov 2010

Fall break

At the end of October I had a nice week and a half of break from school, and spent it at home.
Originally I thought I'd work on all kinds of school work that needed to be done.. but in the end I don't think I got any of it done :D oh well.. At least I had a great time relaxing :)
On the few mornings that it was sunny Lily and I took long walks out in the woods. 

Home sweet home :)

The water level was down about a meter from what it should be. 

Sabbath afternoon we visited the Haikarainen's and had a great day stuffing ourselves with good food and playing rook for hours :) It snowed that day and the moon was full. We took a walk once we got back home that night and it was beautiful! No need for flashlights or anything..

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