8 Aug 2010

Arriving in Atlanta

Wonders never cease :)

One of the main reasons for my trip to the States was to attend the SDA General Conference meetings in Atlanta. I had planned to meet a Finnish friend the first day and stay with her until Rebekah (on the left) came. But Emilia and I had no plans of where or when we'd meet, or how we'd find each other :D Minor detail in a city of 5 million people...

I flew to Atlanta from Baltimore, right into oppressing heat and humidity. Lacking any other plan I decided to find the MARTA, take that to the Congress Center where the meetings were to be held and try and locate Emilia. It felt kind of hopeless, but I decided to trust God anyways. 
I got my bag from baggage claim and was walking down to the metro when I spied a familiar figure. David Helbley (2nd from the left) of all people! He and Gina were very dear friends that I worked with in Kazakhstan last year. I knew they were coming to the meetings, but really didn't expect to see him already at the airport! It was incredible :)

The rest of the day worked out great too. David knew what stop to get off at on the metro, a random guy walked by as we were buying our tickets and gave me one he wasn't using anymore, a Finnish friend walked by when I was trying to find Emilia and carried my heavy bag all the way to his hotel room for storage, I ran into another dear friend from Argentina, one I didn't even expect to see, and I finally found Emilia at the end of the day :)

God is good!

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