8 Aug 2010

Last Greyhound trip for a while

After three days in Traverse City it was time for me to head back home. This time Greyhound took 27 hours, through Grand Rapids (where I made my connection by 5 minutes), Detroit and Nashville. The trip wasn't as eventful as the one coming up :) I did see my first Amish people (below), which I thought was interesting. 
I tried sleeping most of the way. A guy got on in Dayton around midnight and sat next to me. I just kept dozing. After about 10 minutes, he taps me on the leg and asks: "Do you want to hold my hand?" ??!?
I told him no thanks.. :D I was amused by it though :) It's not that often that anyone asks to hold my hand, let alone strange guys.
By the time I got to Chattanooga I was so ready to be done with buses! It was great to be met by a good friend and be able to forget traveling, at least for a day...

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