8 Aug 2010

People of the GC

The GC meetings were a perfect place to see SDA friends from all over the world, some that I hadn't seen in years.
Here are the Crutchers, Kent was our pastor when we lived in Tennessee. Now they're working as missionaries in Kenya. I spent a year with them there at Maxwell Adventist Academy. Good friends :)

The Erickson family I ran into. They went to college with Mom and were living in Finland when my parents moved here. Now they are missionaries in Papua New Guinea. It was good to see them!

Friends from Argentina (2006-2007)
Sebastian and Andrey
Sebastian was actually working in Kyrgyzstan with his wife last year, so I got to visit them a few times :)
Andrey (from Belarus) I hadn't seen since Argentina and wasn't expecting him to be in Atlanta. It was great seeing him!

Sebastian's wife Marly

Nancy and John Thomas, the principal and registrar at Maxwell Academy when I was there (2007-2008)
Also very dear people :)

a whole bunch more Maxwellites. And there were still more that weren't in this picture..

Had to include this picture. This is Alex Vyhmeister, my twin. I hadn't met him before, but I taught his brother Erik at Maxwell. Alex and I were born on the exact same day, same year even :)

Newbold College people (2008)
Thomas and Angie

Rebekah! :)
My friend and roommate from Kazakhstan times (2009). Countless experiences and good memories shared :)

Jobir, from Uzbekistan
another friend I was happy to see again :)

Had to include this picture too :) they look so cool!
The Sormunens from Finland

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